Make a Splash this Christmas at Seven Seas Waterpark

If you’re looking for a splash of adventure this holiday season, look no further than our very own Seven Seas Waterpark.

7 Days of Holiday Treats 

Not only has the Philippines’ first world-class pirate-themed waterpark opened its doors every day from December 15 to January 15, they’ve got holiday treats for park visitors as well with their 7 Days of Christmas at Seven Seas – featuring seven days of promos and deals, with each day presenting a unique offer for everyone to enjoy.

Photo courtesy of Seven Seas Waterpark (Facebook)

December 19: Kids below 4ft enter for FREE*

December 20: Senior Citizen/PWDs enter for FREE*

December 21: 10% off all waterpark tickets** + Night Splash (Night Swimming)

December 22: Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Pizza! + Night Splash (Night Swimming)

December 23: Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Salads/Sandwiches

December 24: Buy 1, Get 1 Seven Seas Tees***

December 25: FREE Php300 RFID Wristbands****

December 28: Night Splash (Night Swimming)

December 31: Splashtacular Fireworks

As you may have noticed on the 7 Days of Christmas at Seven Seas list, there’s a mention of RFID wristbands – which, by the way, is a totally cool new feature (or product also I suppose) that Seven Seas is introducing.

Photo courtesy of Seven Seas Waterpark (Facebook)

Go Cashless at Seven Seas

From smartphone apps to prepaid debit cards, in this day and age, there are plenty of options to go around if one wants to shop cashless – and Seven Seas has decided to also ride that wave. (Pun intended.)

The world-class waterpark itself is a figure of advancement and innovation for Northern Mindanao, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the folks behind Seven Seas (Engr. Elpidio Paras, his family, and the hardworking staff) have decided to upgrade park goers’ purchasing experience. Introducing the Seven Seas Cashless RFID Wristbands – “the safest & most convenient way to pay for your tickets, food, drink, and merchandise.” This feature enhances park goers’ experience by removing the inconvenience of having to go back to the locker areas (or hurriedly scouring one’s bag and wallet) to get some much-needed cash, and reducing the risk of possibly misplacing one’s precious wallet. 

Just load it up, tap it on the RFID receivers to buy your item, and that’s it – purchase successful! The introduction of the wristbands is impressive in the sense that (a) they’re reusable, and (b) it gives a seamless shopping/purchasing journey for any Seven Seas customer. From your actual park tickets to the Kraken vanilla ice cream at the corner of your gazebo, every purchase is a tap away. It’s reloadable, it’s waterproof, and it doesn’t have an expiry date. Oh, and it’ll make for a neat-o techie gift for a friend or family member too! Just in time for the holidays right?

With this upgrade to the Seven Seas experience, one can only hope they level it up further next time, much like how Tony Stark constantly upgrades his Iron Man armor.

Engr. Elpidio Paras, President of UC-1 Corporation (which owns and operates Seven Seas Waterpark), making his opening remarks during the Christmas Tree lighting last December 08, 2019

Enjoy Php500 off on your tickets!

With that, we’re going to wrap things up because it’s better you experience what’s written here for yourself and visit the park. Seven Seas is in the festive, giving mood with their Christmas Tree and holiday decorations, exclusive December deals, and introduction of the Cashless RFID Wristbands – all of which you shouldn’t miss out on, especially when you can enjoy Php500 off every minimum Php1,800 tickets transaction through StreetBy or with an exclusive code you can get when you like The Gourmand Geek on Facebook, and send us a message for it.

See you at Seven Seas, and happy holiday mates!

* One (1) regular-paying adult must accompany the kid/senior/PWD to avail free entry

** Exclusively available for on-site purchases

*** Available to selected styles only

**** A min. receipt of four (4) tickets is required to avail one (1) free RFID wristband

Note: Night Splash (Night Swimming) rates go for as low as P299, with entrance starting at 4:00PM

Note: The Cashless RFID Wristband itself cost Php100, with the minimum required load to be Php1,500

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