Blogafest 2019: Thank you, Sponsors!

A crucial part of the Blogafest experience is by going around the sponsors’ booth situated behind the audience’s seats. Blogapalooza surely picked the right venue for the event, and I was amazed at how they were all able to make every sponsors’ activation and setup fit!

Together let’s take a tour around some of the sponsor booths we managed to chat up and get to know up close.

Photobook Philippines

Photobook Philippines believes in turning moments into meaningful memories.

What’s cool about them is that they can print your photos in a variety of ways – from regular albums to calendars and stationary – and all you need to do is upload them online, maybe choose a template, process your shipping details, and wait for it to arrive. Sounds pretty easy and convenient!

Ginebra San Miguel

Ginebra San Miguel had a segment during the afternoon where they shared their recipe of “Kalamansi Surprise” to those in attendance. You’d think it’ll be a huge kicker, considering it’s gin and alcoholic in nature, but it was delightfully refreshing and I hardly felt anything from its alcoholic portion.

Deuter Backpacks

Deuter backpacks were on display as well during Blogafest 2019. It’s one of the leading backpack brands worldwide, pioneering premium outdoor equipment since 1898! They promise high-quality backpacks from ones for trekking to even backpacks for children.

Fresh SkinLab

If you’re familiar with the popular Jeju Aloe line of products (you’ve probably seen them at Watsons), Fresh Skin Lab is the brand behind it! They’ve recently launched their Tomato Glass Skin series, utilizing the rich nutrients found in tomatoes and applying it for one’s daily skincare routine.

Pascual Labs

Pascual Labs also had a booth during Blogafest! They offered a good deal there for a combo package consisting of Poten-Cee tablets and C-Lium Fiber packets. The company is a Filipino-founded enterprise with 70 years worth of experience in manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical products.

The Red Whistle

The Red Whistle is a nonprofit organization “for people to come together to show their support for those living with HIV and AIDS,” providing a platform as well for brands to partner with for when they want to show support to the HIV and AIDS advocacy. Picked up a lot of insight on authenticity and finding your purpose from them as they participated in the first panel of Blogafest, “Good Influencership”. Learn more about them, their campaigns and events on

Clyde Premium Shoe Cleaner

Next Blogafest brand: Clyde Premium Shoe Cleaner is made with natural soap derived from coconut oil, and an added jojoba oil conditioner and removes dirt, dust, grime, and stain easily. It’s safe to use on any color, with no harsh chemicals, no bleach, and no artificial fragrance!

Sinalco Soft Drinks

Now for this brand, it’s not entirely new to me as I’ve noticed them being available at local CDO 7-Elevens, and I actually tried their sweet Strawberry soda. What’s new to me however is that Sinalco is the oldest soft drink brand in Europe – first marketed in Germany, all the way in 1902!


Our next Bloga-brand is Langnese.

The brand is the market leader for high-quality honey in Germany, having been awarded “Brand of the Century” in 2012 by the Deutsche Standards. Langnese’s products are 100% unadulterated raw honey, making it friendly for diabetics. Their variants are also quite intriguing!

Get ready to celebrate content creation, conversations, and community with us tomorrow at Blogafest – the Philippines’…

Posted by Blogapalooza on Friday, November 22, 2019

Though I wasn’t able to personally interact with all the sponsors and their booths, I’ve witnessed how their addition to the setup has made the event even more vibrant and full of life, much as it is already. Thank you to all the 32 sponsors as you’ve given your heartfelt support to Blogapalooza’s efforts, and helped made Blogafest 2019 a reality!

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